EU HaFS sector reports 20% reduction in food waste

Paris, Sept 29, 2022

New data from members of the International Food Waste Coalition (IFWC) shows that food waste has dropped by more than 20% across Europe’s hospitality and food service sector since 2019.

Figures reported this year revealed an average of 108 grams of waste per cover, representing a 7% decrease against 2021 and a drop of more than 20% against 2019.

All segments are showing a positive trend, with the most impressive results seen in corporate canteens which have achieved a 35% reduction in food waste over the past 3 years.

The results show that, despite the negative impact of the pandemic, new practices around forecasting, planning, consumer engagement and food redistribution are driving a sustainable trend towards more effective food waste reduction.

Constant improvement in reporting sites and data reliability

Since IFWC began gathering data in 2019, the number of sites measuring food waste has grown continuously and today totals 1,165 locations across 29 countries. While this represents a modest percentage of the 23,000+ locations represented by IFWC, the harmonization of measurement methodologies and the implementation of monitoring and digital tools are helping to get more sites on board.

Data quality also continues to improve with a reliability index1 of 84% in 2022, a 13% increase versus 2021. This reflects both longer measurement periods and more accurate reporting.

IFWC Executive Director, Stéphane Leroux said: “The data we are seeing is really impressive. Whilst we have always focused on measuring and reporting, our members’ adoption of a common methodology and the generation of such an impressive amount of qualitative data in only 3 years goes beyond our original ambitions.”

As more sites begin to measure waste routinely and accurately, IFWC remains firmly committed to identifying, evaluating and accelerating the adoption of solutions to reduce food loss and waste. Achieving UN SDG 12.3 is not optional, and IFWC members will continue to direct all efforts towards this goal.