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Stronger together

The scale and complexity of food loss and waste creates a challenge that cannot be faced alone. By working collaboratively across the hospitality and food service sector we can share best practices, expertise and resources.  

 The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the fragility of our food system and reinforced the need for all players to join forces to create a sustainable value chain for today and tomorrow. 

 Together, we can make a big impact.

Less food waste saves money –
membership of the IFWC makes good business sense

As well as the environmental and ethical case for reducing food loss and waste, the economic benefits are proven. Studies conducted by Champions 12:3 for the catering and hotel sectors showed that every $1 dollar spent on reducing food waste delivered a return of between $6-7.

Membership of the International Food Waste Coalition provides you with expert support to help your business realise significant cost savings through food loss and waste reduction. As well as lowering operating costs, membership will provide you with a range of other benefits including:

Membership Options

Full Member

Annual Fee

Large co. €31,000
Medium co. €15,000
Small co. €8,000
Micro co. €2,000

Level of Involvement

Participation in the General Assembly and Board meetings

Voting rights on every subject (new members admission, strategic direction, budget, staff recruitment, etc.)

Full access to the coalition on-line ressources

Medium < 250 employees or < EUR 50m
Small  < 50 employees or < EUR 10m
Micro < 10 employees or < EUR 2m

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