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The IFWC represents hotel groups and private mass catering companies, it also includes companies from along the entire HaFS  supply chain.

The more members we have the more effective we become in tackling one of the biggest challenges of our time, a challenge further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jan Saloman


Key Account Director

Essity, through the brand Tork, is contributing to IFWC goals in line with our focus on wellbeing, more with less and circularity. Together with the IFWC, we are committed to creating a more sustainable life away from home.

Nigel Thorgrimsson


Group Technical and Quality Director

What I consider to be truly special about IFWC is the way it enables food waste reduction initiatives to be measured and evaluated via its members’ network of kitchens and restaurants, with a level of accuracy difficult to replicate for meals served in the home.

Sylvie Galliaerde

General Mills

VP External Relations

Food loss and waste is a major environmental and economic challenge that can only be tackled collectively. The IFWC helps to build bridges between different organisations across the value chain, supporting the development of common methodologies through which to measure and report.

Maria Outters


Group SVP Sustainability / Corporate Responsibility

Measurement is key in the fight against food waste, together with transparency and collaboration to define the most impactful solutions. As a founding member of IFWC, Sodexo is wholly committed to this approach as part of our daily drive to develop innovative solutions to food waste.

Sandra Andreu


Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer

Our work with IFWC supports SUEZ’s historic commitment to food loss and waste reduction through broader collaborative action and communication. This enables us to develop and promote advanced measurement, tracking, reduction and valorisation methodologies.

Aurélie Stewart


CSR Group Manager

At Elior, we fully support IFWC's approach to tackling food waste through a multi-sector approach, harnessing collective intelligence to solve what is a highly complex challenge.

Delphine Stroh


Sustainable Development Manager

Food waste is a drain on our planet and economy. At Accor, we are excited to join forces with IFWC - to share best practices, test new ways of working with concrete and operational actions.

Andrew Shakman


Co-Founder and CEO

The world can only address the crisis—and harness the opportunity—of food waste through strong collaboration. Leanpath is proud to be a part of IFWC’s cooperative approach to understanding, measuring and preventing food waste so we can all enjoy a more sustainable future.

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