Together we make a bigger impact.

The IFWC represents hotel groups and private mass catering companies, it also includes companies from along the entire HaFS  supply chain.

The more members we have the more effective we become in tackling one of the biggest challenges of our time, a challenge further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jan Saloman


Key Account Director

Essity, through the brand Tork, is contributing to IFWC goals in line with our focus on wellbeing, more with less and circularity. Together with the IFWC, we are committed to creating a more sustainable life away from home.

Rachel Loison

Best Western

CSR Manager

Best Western Hotels&Resorts is fully engaged in reducing food waste : almost 1/4 of our hotels have the Green Key or European Ecolabel label.
It is a pleasure to be a partner of IFWC in order share good practices with other members of the coalition. We are looking forward to launching operations in our independent hotels that are volunteers to change processes and act truly

Patrick Sochnikoff


Group SVP Sustainability / Corporate Responsibility

Measurement is key in the fight against food waste, together with transparency and collaboration to define the most impactful solutions. As a founding member of IFWC, Sodexo is wholly committed to this approach as part of our daily drive to develop innovative solutions to food waste.

Sandra Andreu


Business Innovation

Our work with IFWC supports SUEZ’s historic commitment to food loss and waste reduction through broader collaborative action and communication. This enables us to develop and promote advanced measurement, tracking, reduction and valorisation methodologies.

Aurélie Stewart


CSR Group Manager

At Elior, we fully support IFWC's approach to tackling food waste through a multi-sector approach, harnessing collective intelligence to solve what is a highly complex challenge.

Anaëlle Besset


Sustainable Project and Change Manager

Food waste is a drain on our planet and economy. At Accor, we are excited to join forces with IFWC - to share best practices, test new ways of working with concrete and operational actions.

Andrew Shakman


Co-Founder and CEO

The world can only address the crisis—and harness the opportunity—of food waste through strong collaboration. Leanpath is proud to be a part of IFWC’s cooperative approach to understanding, measuring and preventing food waste so we can all enjoy a more sustainable future.

Olaf van der Veen


Co-Founder and CEO

The fact that we face a Food waste problem of this magnitude is simply incomprehensible to us at Orbisk.The Food waste issue is complex and collaboration across the chain is imperative to provide for effective integral solutions. For that reason we applaud the IFWC initiative and are proud to be a member of it, to join forces for a better future!

Pierre Gendron


CSR and Quality Director

MRS is glad to join the Coalition since we believe that common targets, metrics and reporting, as well as collective prevention campaigns, are the most efficient ways to fight Food Waste.

David Jackson


Director of marketing and Public Affairs

If we are serious about creating a more sustainable, equitable food system we must work together to solve the food waste problem. With a spirit of collaboration and innovation, Winnow is delighted to be part of the IFWC.

Amy Keister

Compass Group

Global Director of Sustainability

When we waste food, we also waste all the energy and water it takes to grow, harvest, transport, and package it, compounding the environmental impacts of a decision to throw food away rather than find delicious ways to reuse it. At Compass Group we align with IFWC's mission to lead by example when it comes to tackling food loss and waste.

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