Do Good Save Food!

Helping schools to cut food waste,
reassert the value of food and save money.

Do Good Save Food is a collaborative initiative between the IFWC and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. The project aims to reduce food loss and waste in schools by educating students and changing their everyday habits, measuring and reducing waste in canteens and kitchens, and by bringing together all players in the school catering value chain to drive down food waste and reassert the value of food.

The programme will shortly run in Albania, Lithuania, Turkey and Ukraine.

The average food waste per student in primary education, recorded during the Do Good Save Food pilot is: 110g per meal. This represents 22% of the weight of the meal amounting to 19.3 kg over one year.


is wasted annually per student

Free Resources

The Collaboration Guide

Help your school to drive down food waste. Our free guide outlines the key stages and best practices involved in a successful food waste reduction project, helping canteen staff, teachers, local producers, local authorities, school management and parents to join forces and reduce food waste.

Canteen Staff Support

Canteen staff can play a big role in food waste reduction, helping children to eat well and make choices that reduce the amount of leftover food. Our presentation provides useful tips and advice.

Educational Material

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the IFWC share information packs to help teachers explain the importance of food waste reduction to primary and secondary school students:

Food Waste Tracker

Our Food Waste Tracker is a handy tool in the fight against waste. It provides a methodology for measuring food waste in the kitchen and canteen, tables to record data, and a dashboard to monitor results and estimate savings.

Training to measure food waste in canteens and kitchens:

Support to train kitchen and canteen teams to measure food waste forces and reduce food waste.