IFWC Voluntary Agreement
Helping to share innovations
across the HaFS value chain

In Europe the hospitality and food service industry (HaFS) is highly fragmented, made up of multiple sectors and sub-sectors. But real change can only be achieved by actively engaging with the entire value chain, from farm to ork.

This makes a coordinated effort to reduce food loss and waste extremely challenging. But as the global Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, collaboration and collective action is essential if we are to build a sustainable global food system.

Beyond its impact within our own sector, the Voluntary Agreement will ultimately support systemic solutions that address sustainable food challenges.

  • milestone
  • 2021 reporting
  • member action required
  • IFWC hands on support

Our Roadmap

The Voluntary Agreement roadmap sets out the objectives and milestones for the next 5 years across the value chain, from farm to fork.

Q4 2020

Initiate Voluntary

Drive to recruit members. Goal is for IFWC membership to represent 50% of HaFS revenue (30% required in order to initiate the Voluntary Agreement).


the Budget


Set The
Reduction Target for 2025


Define Scope For
Flw Measurement

Work collaboratively to define the baseline, following the FLW standard with clear methods for quantification, reporting and data management.

  • Participation in workshops to validate scope
Q1-2 2021

working Group(s)

Identify FLW solutions across the value chain, individually and collectively by prioritizing issues and establishing working groups to identify solutions.

  • Recruit value chain players to explore solutions
  • Organizing one to one workshops


Public launch of the Voluntary Agreement.

  • Members are asked to officially commit to VA
Q3 2021

The Baseline

Baseline derived from direct measurement at a sample of sites with additional estimations. Definition of the intermediary reduction targets.

  • Support with measurement at 3 pilot sites and training for further rollout

Final 2025

Evaluation of FLW measurement with assessment of global outcomes and impact evaluation. Possible extension of Voluntary Agreement.

“We’ve launched the IFWC Voluntary Agreement, an exciting new initiative that will help the HaFS sector work together towards an ambitious but realistic target for food loss and waste reduction.”

Working Together

We continue to work closely with a number of organisations including WRAP and WWF to ensure that implementation of the Voluntary Agreement benefits from international expertise. By signing up to the Voluntary Agreement you will play a central role in shaping a better future for our industry.

and funding

The Agreement will be funded through IFWC membership fees and public grants and as a not for profit organisation all money raised goes directly to targeting and tackling food loss and waste, globally.