Focus area

Sustainable Packaging

Target Market(s)

Food and Fashion Brands, Farming, Processing

Founding date




Development Stage


The Solution

TIPA® compostable packaging imitates nature’s packaging by using materials that mimic the qualities of plastic yet biodegrade into nourishing compost and return safely to the biosphere, leaving behind the same nutrients left by organic waste. TIPA focuses on the food and fashion industries, two segments with a very high volume of flexible packaging.

Case Study

Conventional flexible plastic packaging, particularly films and multilayered plastic packaging is nearly impossible to recycle.

TIPA developed a packaging that mimics the qualities of plastic yet is made of materials that return safely to the biosphere. TIPA’s fully compostable film and laminate packaging solutions break down into water, CO2, and biomass (just like organic matter) under industrial and home composting conditions. All packaging is available as transparent, metalized, or tinted single ply films and multi-ply laminates.

Existing Customers

  • Riverford
  • Natoora
  • Stella McCartney
  • The Happy Pear


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