Focus area

Secondary market

Target Market(s)

Farming, Processing, Retails, Logistics, HaFS

Founding date




Development Stage


The Solution

A cloud-based digital app solution to organize the donation or sale of unsold food.

Case Study

One third of what we produce is produced… for nothing. In other words, a third of the energy and resources necessary for production, transportation and distribution of our food is thrown in the trash!

Determined to create a world without waste, Phenix proposes 4 alternatives to the trash can: (a) donations to charitable organizations in order to give a second life to unsold items (b) donating unsold and inedible produce as animal food (c) selling edible products at a reduced price on the Phenix app (d) compost and methanation of organic waste.

Existing Customers

  • Monoprix
  • Carrefour
  • Leclerc
  • Intermarché


  • 60T of food saved daily