Nous Anti Gaspi

Focus area

Secondary market

Target Market(s)

Farming, Processing

Founding date




Development Stage


The Solution

A network of dedicated grocery stores that sell rejected but perfectly edible produce. This includes fruit and vegetables that are out of standards specification, fresh produce close to their use-by dates and mispackaged items.

Case Study

10 million tons of food are thrown away in France every year. Some of this produce is still perfectly edible but doesn’t meet traditional retailer or consumer standards.

Since 2018, Nous Anti Gaspi has opened a network of 17 stores that sell rejected but still edible food. The company mainly works with local growers and food processors in order to minimize the amount of time the food spends in transport and maximize the window of opportunity for its sale.

Each store offers a full range of items, from fresh vegetables and fruits to milk-based or dry produce.

Existing Customers

  • Over 600 local growers


  • 600Tof food saved in 2020



Vincent Justin, Co-Founder