Take a Waste

Focus area

Organic waste valorization

Target Market(s)

Healthcare, hospitality, food service, retail

Founding date




Development Stage


The Solution

Take a waste is a complete waste management service for professionals. We operate throughout France with the goal of “reducing the daily dissipation of resources”.

Take a waste assist the clients from A to Z: from the initial diagnosis to sustainable waste management by experts, including team training, automated waste reporting, management of waste collection services, etc.

Case Study

The business case of the Golf de l’Ailette hotel:

Sorting has been implemented throughout the hotel: kitchen, restaurants, bar, reception, offices, rooms. For each flow (packaging, paper, bio-waste) and each area, sorting equipment has been installed.

Thanks to these new facilities, the hotel complies with its sorting obligations. Each year, the hotel diverts waste from landfill and incineration:

  • 5 tonnes of packaging,
  • 28 tonnes of organic waste.

Existing Customers

  • Sysco
  • Prêt à manger
  • Elsan
  • Accor
  • Carrefour


  • With over 600 client sites assessed, we prevent 4000 TONS of waste per year from being incinerated or landfilled.


Alexis Lemeillet , co-founder

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