Focus area

Organic waste valorization

Target Market(s)

Farming, Processing, Retail, Logistics, HaFS

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The Solution

As a leading insect breeder, Protix transform the larvae of black soldier fly into a range of proteins for animal feed and fertilizers. With high-tech solutions, artificial intelligence, genetic improvement programs and robotics, Protix brings the food system back in balance with nature.

Case Study

By 2040, the world will need to provide protein for 9 billion people. But modern-day protein production places a heavy burden on the world’s limited resources.

The soldier flies convert low-grade food waste into high-end protein and fat, all in a matter of weeks and using little space.

Insects are nature’s most powerful upcyclers. They can help to create a circular food system and enable us to move away from a resource depleting linear system of production.






Existing Customers

  • Coppens
  • Jonker
  • Trovet


  • Recycle organic waste