Focus area

Organic waste valorization

Target Market(s)

Farming, Processing, Retail, Logistics, HaFS

Founding date




Development Stage


The Solution

The first French biotech company specialized in rearing and processing insects into proteins. Made up of experts in entomology and specialists from the agro-industry, Agronutris provides high quality products essentially for the aquaculture and petfood markets.

Case Study

As our planet’s population is growing fast, the needs in proteins will increase.

With more than 12 years of R&D on insect rearing, Agronutris has created a new path which mission is « to feed and preserve the world in a sustainable way ». We have opened our first plant in Rethel, France in 2023, and we plan to open more in the years to come.

The black soldier fly is a competitive and circular solution, using agricultural byproducts to feed the larvae, that can be used as a new source of protein for animal feed.

Agronutris is more than just a company, it’s a human-centered adventure, based on people who share the same vision and values.

Existing Customers

  • Aquafeed manufacturers and petfood companies


  • 2x less CO2 emitted than fish meal
  • 3x less than soybean concentrate
  • Reduce the pressure on marine biodiversity by limiting forage fishing