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The Solution

Manufacturers use Seebo to predict and prevent quality, yield and waste losses. Seebo Process-Based Artificial Intelligence is designed to solve complicated process inefficiencies – revealing the hidden causes and recommending the right actions. By providing production teams with ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence, continuous process mastership becomes a reality. With Seebo production teams know why process inefficiencies happen, using Automated Root Cause Analysis; how to prevent process inefficiencies, using Predictive Recommendations; and when to act, using Proactive Alerts.

Case Study

A Baked Goods Company with 4,200 employees, across 38 sites worldwide, with an annual turnover of €1.2 billion used Seebo, the company utilising process-based AI to reduce waste and losses. This company was dealing with rejects due to underweight. Seebo, using its advanced process-based AI technology, found that when the baking temperature was above 204 degrees, and the baking conveyor speed was less than 5 M/S, instances of underweight increased several fold. Implementing Seebo’s proactive alerts, the company achieved annual savings of nearly €1 million on this single production line.  The rate of waste due to underweight was cut from 7.4% to just 2.2%.

Existing Customers

  • Nestlé
  • Pepsi Co
  • Mondelez
  • Barilla
  • General Mills


  • Over 50% cut in food waste