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The Solution

Orbisk fully automates food waste registration in the kitchen down to the ingredient level. Outfitting the waste bin with a smart camera and a connected scale, all food waste is automatically captured and categorized what goes to waste, when and WHY: like plate waste, buffet waste or cutting waste without any extra manual handling of kitchen staff. The Orbisk dashboarding solution provides automated advice on what and when to reduce in order to reduce food waste by over 50%!

Case Study

An average foodservice location, like a hotel, catering institution or restaurants, with 100+ covers per day, wastes between 30-90 kilos of perfectly edible food. By giving tangible insights in their food waste streams, Orbisk enables their customers to save over 50%, lowering food waste to the lowest margins achievable and saving locations tens of thousands of euros each year, doubling profit margins.

Existing Customers

  • Accor
  • Sodexo
  • Albron
  • Bilderberg
  • Ramada
  • The Student Hotel
  • Vermaat


  • FLW reduction