Focus area

Extend Shelf Life

Target Market(s)

Farming, Processing, Retail, Logistic, HaFS

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The Solution

A layer of tasteless, odorless, plant-based protection on the surface of fruit and vegetables. Apeel helps to keep moisture in and oxygen out, which means produce lasts twice as long.

Case Study

Single-use plastic is one of the major contributors to plastic pollution. In February 2021, the EU

Globally one-third to half of all food produced for consumption goes to waste, and fresh produce has particularly high food waste rates due to its high perishability(1).

Apeel has developed a coating (based on natural lipids found in vegetables) to slow down fruit and vegetable degradation by preventing dehydration and keeping oxygen out.

With the coating in place on an avocado, for example, the softening rate decreases by 60% and water loss by 30%, thereby doubling the ripeness window.

Existing Customers

  • Swakefern
  • The Fresh Grocers
  • Dearborn Market
  • Fairway


  • FLW reduction