Food 21

Focus area

Demand Forecasting

Target Market(s)

Farming, Processing, Retail, Logistic, HaFS

Founding date




Development Stage


The Solution

An AI based forecasting tool.

Food21 aims to develop solutions with all stakeholders involved (food processing, wholsale, retail, consumers) and generate company- and industry-focused impacts through a B2B2C community.


How does Food 21 help

The forecasting model has so far been introduced to more than ten companies (food processors and retailers). To date, we have completed two focused pilot projects. Further projects are in the pipeline.

The results showed encouraging results such as a halving of food waste within five weeks, higher forecast accuracy compared to existing system forecasts, a significant reduction in the time required for the planning process and overall cost savings.

Existing Customers

  • H&J Brüggen (pilot)
  •  Landbäckerei Matthiessen (pilot)


  • FLW reduction


Friedrich Rantzau Co-founder