Delicious Data

Focus area

Demand Forecasting

Target Market(s)

Restaurants, mass caterers and hotels

Founding date




Development Stage


The Solution

Delicious Data’s Artificial Intelligence enables customers to reduce avoidable food waste, increase operational efficiency and improve the operational result. The full AI-based operating system offers four smart product features to accurately plan food operations, creating greater efficiency and transparency: Sales Forecasting, Intelligent Daily Planner, Food Waste Monitoring and Analytics Dashboard. Since 2017 the international team has been working on transforming the achievements of digitalisation into competitive advantages for customers and thus realising an effective contribution to more sustainability.

Case Study

Data Delicious has implemented its predictive tool at Apetito Catering leading to :

  • 50 % better planning accuracy
  • 40 % better production accuracy
  • 3.5 % less use of goods
  • 15 % less Food Waste

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Existing Customers

  • Apetito Catering
  • Bayer Gastronomie
  • Ergo Gourmet
  • Bakery Höflinger Müller


  • Already saved 820,000 meals, which is equivalent to about 1000 tonnes of CO2.
  • Reduction of avoidable food waste is by approximately 30% per gastronomic business.
  • Up to 40% better planning accuracy for the use of goods leads to cost savings of about 4% for the customer compared to the use of goods without AI-based planning. For an enterprise with 2 million meals/year, the savings potential is thus around 120,000 to 200,000 euros per year


Markus Fröhlich , CRO