IFWC launches its Innovation Lab

IFWC is thrilled to announce the launch of IFWC’s brand new Innovation Lab, now open to all our members.

The Lab features almost 50 solutions and innovations that have been developed to help tackle one of the world’s most pressing challenges. As we work together to find new ways to cut waste across Europe’s hospitality and food service sector, it’s important that we explore the potential of new solutions, some of which will support our future projects.

We have identified exciting innovations relevant to the HaFS sector, divided into 8 focus areas: Demand Forecasting, Buffet 2.0, Measuring & Reporting, Secondary Markets, Smart Labels & Packaging, Sustainable Packaging, Organic Waste Valorization and Shelf-Life Extension.

The Lab will be updated regularly and we are really looking forward to testing the most relevant solutions within our active Work Group.

Check out the Innovation Lab today and explore new possibilities!