Contract catering – updated food waste methodology

IFWC is thrilled to announce the release of its updated food waste measurement and reporting methodology tailored specifically for the contract catering sector.

The IFWC methodology for measuring and reporting food waste (FW) aligns with the core principles of the UNEP Food Waste Index, which supports UN SGD 12.3, and complies with the measurement methodology and minimum quality standards of the European Union.

This methodology ensures consistent definitions, scope, and metrics. The only deviation from the EU scope is the inclusion of soup wastage in our food waste definition and reporting. While this may differ slightly from the EU definition, IFWC aims to promote a more inclusive approach to food waste by encompassing soups in our measurement scope.

This updated methodology will be used to assess the 2023 data, with data collection underway for over 5,000 sites. The comprehensive report is expected to be released in March.

A huge thank you to all members for their unwavering support.

Download here