The IFWC is a not-for-profit association self-funded by members’ subscriptions and grants.

It’s an association of organizations backed by pre-eminent advisory bodies on the topic of waste joining forces to share knowledge and make things happen. The IFWC unites the food services industry to build a future without food waste.

Discover the Members:

“At Ardo, we are inspired to join forces with the other actors in the food service value-chain, that have committed to the International Food Waste Coalition. Working together across the value-chain will provide a unique opportunity to identify areas where food waste reduction improvements can be made, and collectively we can deliver a message that will help to reconnect consumers with the ‘true value’ of food.”  Jan Haspeslagh – Ardo Group Managing Director

McCain“Food waste is a serious issue and all of the actors of the value chain, from the growers to the final consumers, need to reflect on new opportunities for partnership and co-creation. Responsible food companies need to take a farm to fork approach to food production and  actively seek to reduce waste at every stage of the supply chain.” Jean Bernou – CEO McCain Foods Continental Europe


“Effective collaboration amongst all stakeholders is essential for delivering a sustainable reduction in food waste across the total supply chain. Thanks to this important coalition, key companies are coming together to harness collective knowledge, utilise existing best practices and create engaging communication materials that will drive real action in reducing waste from ‘farm to fork’.” Martyn Seal – PepsiCo Europe Senior Director Environmental Sustainability

Sodexo“Sodexo works with its suppliers, clients and consumers to engage them in efforts to reduce food waste. In this context the company participates in the International Food Waste Coalition to accelerate and extend those efforts globally.” Neil Barrett – Group Vice-President Corporate Responsibility at Sodexo Group

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“We defend the same values that every member of the Coalition, value of Respect to protect our Planet, value of Responsibility when it comes to fight against wasteful consumption away from home, and Value of Excellence, when we provide our customers some innovative solutions to optimize for example, their consumption of napkins.” Joel Poirier – Key Accounts Director – Group SCA – AfH Europe

UnileverFoodSolutionsWhen we were invited to join the IFWC, we immediately saw the overlap with the objectives of our Unilever Sustianable Living Plan. To achieve this type of transformational change we work in partnership with other interested stakeholders who share our commitments. Unilever Food Solutions is already very active in the area of Food waste reduction and we are convinced that partnering in the IFWC will increase our impact and speed up our progress even more across the entire value chain.” Willem Brandt – VP Customer Development Unilever Food Solutions


“For over 50 years, WWF has been working for a future where people and nature thrive. As the world’s leading conservation organisation, we work in more than 100 countries and are supported by over five million members globally. We use our knowledge, expertise and influence to help create long-term solutions to global threats such as climate change, habitat loss and the unsustainable consumption of the world’s natural resources.” Ella Clarke Senior Corporate Partnership Manager, WWF-UK